Bandit Teaches Merlin Bad Behavior

My parrots know they are not allowed up on the TV cabinet, but for some reason Bandit, my Nanday Conure, has decided he likes it up there.  And now he is inciting Merlin, my sweet little Bronze-Wing Pionus, to join him in his shenanigans.

Bandit throws Merlin a wink as they investigate the top of the cabinet.

Merlin gives me a little look to make sure I understand that it was Bandit’s idea, and not his, to plant themselves where they do not belong.  Bandit is wearing his innocent face, like I can believe that with the mask he’s sporting.

Good grief Mom, do you never clean up here?

“It is all the Green Machine’s fault!  See my halo?”    Yes, I sometimes call Bandit my Little Green Machine.  And Merlin is the Brown Bomber.  Or My Little Football.  That’s how he flies, like a long pass.

Merlin shows us his good side.

Bandit is actually flirting with the stuffed flamingo.   Merlin is trying to figure out what all the dust and dirt is up there.  I’m short; my eye level is just shy of the top of the cabinet so I never clean up there.  If I can’t see it, it can’t be dirty, right?

Bandit showing off his gorgeous green feathers

Such little terrorists. It does not help that they are so damn cute.  All right, putting down the camera to remove them, once again, from the temptation of candle wax and dust balls.

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One Response to Bandit Teaches Merlin Bad Behavior

  1. nadbugs says:

    Winsome! Who could resist.

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