Can That Really Be Sunshine!

Yes indeed, and not only that, but the trees still have flowers despite the recent downpours.  My afternoon walk was wonderful and I was actually smiling during the last part of my work day from the uplift feeling that warmth on my face gave me.


After how many weeks of rain and gloom, I had almost forgotten that the sky is blue when the sun shines.

Our local office park gaggle of geese were also enjoying the sunshine.  I love seeing them on the grass and water… usually they are blocking traffic as they saunter across the road or parking lots.


If it rains tomorrow please someone keep me from slitting my throat.  I just can’t take any more gloomy days.  My afternoon walks are pretty much all that keeps me from going through the rest of my work day; I don’t think I can stand being cooped up hiding from rain one more time this spring.

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2 Responses to Can That Really Be Sunshine!

  1. Your Spring pictures are lovely. I too hate the cold wet drearyness of winter. Can’t stand it. Strangest thing here in the UK is that we have had the driest March ever and as for April showers ? Nope ! But that’s just great cuz the sun is shining and we’ve just had two drastic winters of hell so no complaints from me. 🙂

  2. Hallysann says:

    Yay for Spring !
    My favourite time of year, although looking at life through the camera the other seasons havn’t been too bad this year either.
    Love the blue sky pictures 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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