Scratch My Head Please


This is what I go through almost every night after dinner while I’m drinking my coffee watching a movie.  Bandit, my Nanday Conure, perches himself on my hip and looks incredibly cute until I break down and start with the head scratches.


He will make me do this until my left hand cramps, and then I have to switch to the right hand.


Occasionally Bandit lets me rest my fingers and just cuddles into my cupped palm.  But then it’s right back to head scratches.


He likes me to get my thumb rubbing up and down over his cheeks while my fingers dig into the feathers around his neck.  It can be even more fun if I find a pinfeather tucked in amongst the fully grown feathers. I absolutely adore unraveling pinnies.


But the real goal of the night is to make him shut his eyes and open his mouth.


Oh yeah, that’s the spot.

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4 Responses to Scratch My Head Please

  1. nadbugs says:

    SCREECH! I was having fun until the last shot. Then I lost it. The look on his face! Too funny.

    • Wazeau says:

      He’s such a little clown. I love him to death. He’s been with me twenty-two years now. He actually opens his mouth much wider with his eyes totally shut, but its hard to get some of the good shots and scratch at the same time 🙂

  2. minlit says:

    22 years! Wow! That’s a lot of scratching!
    How do your cats and parrots get on?

    • Wazeau says:

      They have a mutual respect for each other and I never leave them alone together unsupervised. The cats don’t quite understand why I have yet to fry up and eat the parrots, but they indulge me. The parrots ignore the cats unless the cats get in their faces, in which case they chase the cats off with a frightning combination of beak and screetch. If you have never heard a Nanday Conure scream, consider yourself lucky.

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