Merlin Does The Laundry

I have no idea why Merlin, my Bronze-Wing Pionus, has this odd fascination with my laundry basket.


I bring the full load down from upstairs and set it on the footrest while I run into the kitchen for something or other.  When I return only seconds later, there is Merlin inspecting my dirty sheets.


I’m trying to train him to take it down to the basement, throw it in the washer, and push the on switch after adding appropriate quantities of detergent and fabric softener.


But he insists he is The Inspector, not the actual worker bee, in this household.

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8 Responses to Merlin Does The Laundry

  1. lifewith4cats says:

    Hes such a handsome guy. I wonder if that sheet design reminds him of his own unique wing colors.

  2. ryoko861 says:

    It’s so hard to get the kids to anything these days!

  3. territerri says:

    What a beautiful bird! Now if you can train him to do laundry, I may have to consider one myself!

  4. Saemmabel says:

    Way to go Merlin!! Got to make sure Mom doesn’t slack off! 🙂

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