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Is This For Me?

My son’s birthday/mother’s day present to me finally arrived. Sassafrass was convinced, however, that it was hers, not mine. It took a bit of effort to remove her from the top of the box. The box was filled with those … Continue reading

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The Poser and the Sad Sack

One of Sassafrass’ goals in life is to exhibit her gorgeousness in as many different poses as possible.  That is why I believe she loves their new scratch pad more then Nekoka – it provides endless posing possibilities.  Which makes … Continue reading

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Why Eat Apple

When you can destroy the paper wrapper a banana muffin was stuffed in? Bandit of course was the first to realize how much more fun it would be, and tasty too!  Merlin isn’t too sure if it is safe, but … Continue reading

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All for Me?

Sassafrass seems a little unsure if the cat grass was placed here just for her. (I love her little white feet, by the way.  And her soft white belly peeking out.  And that adorable crooked little face.) Bandit knows better.  … Continue reading

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I Was Not Using It

Tired of flying, Merlin decides to try out my exercise bike thingie. How does this work, Mom? I can’t seem to get these rockers to move like Mom does.  There must be some trick to it. Maybe I have to … Continue reading

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Bird Burglar

I turn my back for one second, and Bandit decides to show why he has that mask on. Who? What?  Me, steal from Mom’s purse? Please note the extreme neatness and cleanliness of my kitchen table.  No, we don’t actually … Continue reading

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Hurry Up And Grow, Kitty Grass

Sassafrass and Nekoka are oh so anxiously awaiting for their cat grass to reach harvestable size.  The sprouts are greening up nicely, but my finicky feline’s nibble-test tells me they aren’t quite ready.  I made a few extra planters for … Continue reading

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