Waiting For Dinner

Sassafrass and Nekoka have two distinctive methods of whiling away the (literal) minutes between my arrival home after work and the filling of their trough… errr… food dish.


Sassafrass plays “If I Fits In It, I Sits in It”, Cat Credo #1.  She is trying to figure out how to get her tail end properly tucked into the container.


But she has skills, and managed to squeeze her plump rear end and belly into the box from Harry and David’s April delivery of yummy oranges.  One of my Christmas presents to myself is their Fruit-of-the-Month light subscriptions.  I like my Christmas to last all year Smile


Nekoka, on the other hand, first nudges the food bags to as if to remind me that I have not yet fulfilled my evening obligations to their stomachs.


Then he plants himself on the edge of the counter and glares. 


This is his “Yep, now she has that damn camera flashing in my face again instead of filling up my food bowl” glare.  Hang on cat, I’ll get right on it.

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2 Responses to Waiting For Dinner

  1. Sundry says:

    Paparazzi. They’re everywhere.

    • Wazeau says:

      I can’t help it, this silly blog has changed the way I look at the world. Everything is fodder. I follow the cats around begging them to pose for me 🙂

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