Hurry Up And Grow, Kitty Grass


Sassafrass and Nekoka are oh so anxiously awaiting for their cat grass to reach harvestable size.  The sprouts are greening up nicely, but my finicky feline’s nibble-test tells me they aren’t quite ready.  I made a few extra planters for some co-workers to give to their spoiled rotten cats.  The parrots love nibbling on the grass as well, but I don’t let them have too much – they get their own seed sprouts.

I’m not totally selfless though – nothing I like more then ripping into some fresh home-grown sprouts!  If you haven’t ever grown sprouts it is easy as can be, and definitely yummy for cats, parrots, and people!  I get my stuff from SproutPeople but I’m sure there are a lot of other places. 

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2 Responses to Hurry Up And Grow, Kitty Grass

  1. Sassafrass looks like she’s going to try it out right now! I bought some cat grass about a month ago, already grown. It was nibbled on after the 2nd day or so. It’s looking really sad now, though – I’m hoping that proper water and sun (oops!) will bring it back around.

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