Bird Burglar

I turn my back for one second, and Bandit decides to show why he has that mask on.


Who? What?  Me, steal from Mom’s purse?


Please note the extreme neatness and cleanliness of my kitchen table.  No, we don’t actually use it while eating.  It serves a temporary storage purpose only!  Well not exactly that temporary.

Knowing Bandit, I’ll probably find a nice lump of conure crap in there tomorrow.  And it will still be juicy.

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7 Responses to Bird Burglar

  1. hahaha! Bandit is very funny! But we hope he doesn’t poo in your purse.

  2. nadbugs says:

    He was just resting there.

  3. minlit says:

    What an amazing looking bird! I’m rather partial to corvids (sooo smart!), and Bandit looks like a rook who’s been dip dyed. Stunning.

  4. Kroten says:

    Poor Bandit…he was caught in action 😉
    Be careful on your next job or I won’t hire you anymore to do dirty jobs

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