The Poser and the Sad Sack

One of Sassafrass’ goals in life is to exhibit her gorgeousness in as many different poses as possible.  That is why I believe she loves their new scratch pad more then Nekoka – it provides endless posing possibilities. 


Which makes for a better view?  Her right side showing just a flash of white belly and the lovely white collar from nose along the cheekbone to below her ear?


Her left side with the full crooked little face, a sneaky white paw and the back white and ginger leg that looks exactly like Nekoka’s?


Or maybe this wonderful back view showing her “I’m not even going to give you the time of day” pose.


Or how about directly from the front with just enough twist to her ear to show a little cattitude.


Meanwhile look at this sad sack of a cat.  While Sassafrass is busy looking beautiful, Nekoka has camped out by the bathroom, with his sad lonely face on, like the house isn’t full of toys to play with, like I didn’t just spend fifteen minutes brushing him.  Sometimes they just want to make you feel guilty.

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12 Responses to The Poser and the Sad Sack

  1. Hallysann says:

    And did you feel suitably guilty ?

  2. Pat Bean says:

    I think your cats are even more spoiled than my Maggie, and that saying a whole lot. Love your photos. Thanks for sharing.

    • Wazeau says:

      Thanks! All my crew are happily spoiled – makes my son jealous but that serves him right for moving so far away, he’s not close enough to spoil 😛

  3. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    Both cats take the cake! Happy Memorial Day weekend. I enjoy your photos so much.

  4. At Cats, we prefer the Back view. For many reasons. Sir Sad Sack requires at least thirty minutes (more) of attention to mollify him.

  5. Kame says:

    They really knowhow to pose for the camera 😉

  6. nadbugs says:

    At least Nekkie matches the carpet. Poooooooor Nekkie. Nobody loves him. Nobody.

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