Sunbathing Nekoka Style

Why, yes, he knows exactly how gorgeous he is.  That is why he poses on the corner of the bed for his late afternoon sun bath.


Check out that smug little smile and the cute white paws with their pink pads.  When he goes on display like this, it takes all my self control to keep a hold of the camera and not drop it to go bury my face in his soft warm belly fur.


I am still in video practice mode, so for your viewing pleasure, here is Nekoka balanced on the very corner of my bed in all his sun bathing beauty.


Hopefully I’m not the only one who finds relaxation simply watching my cats soaking up the sun, performing their graceful ablutions, being totally into their own cat selves.  At the end of a long, stressful day of human wheel-spinning, slowing down to breathe in their rhythms helps me let that all go and smile again.

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4 Responses to Sunbathing Nekoka Style

  1. nadbugs says:

    Breathing them in. Oh yes. Thank you for the vicarious pleasure here, and the reminder to go do that “for real.” Off to go do now. Bye friend.

  2. minlit says:

    Totally. Cats are the ultimate meditators. If I were able to simultaneously be and not be in the way that cats are, I would consider myself very accomplished. I bow to their masterful understanding of the universe. And their ability to put their back paws behind their heads…..

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