Another Day Another Box

Amazingly enough, Nekoka won the round of Who Gets In The Box First today.


He did not, however, long enjoy his triumph.


I am really starting to dislike the in-built delay of my camera.  I was trying to get the leap from the couch into the box; instead, here’s an action shot of Sassafrass’s ass in motion while Nekoka flees to the east.

This is what came in the box.  Since Nekoka seems to be inflicted with KBADS just like Brother Henry, and I am not blessed with any type of do-it-yourself abilities to make my own Potty Pod 3000, I have been searching for purchasable versions.  This one seems to be doing the trick so far.  Crossing my fingers!

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10 Responses to Another Day Another Box

  1. minlit says:

    What is that thing? A litter tray of some kind? I’m trying to get Toko and Zissou started on a Litter Kwitter so they can eventually use the loo!

  2. nadbugs says:

    Well I have a lot to say to this one! First: The ass shot is hilarious; could not be funnier. Second: I have JUST bought a new camera because I totally got fed up with the frustration you are talking about. Whoop-de-doo Nikon point-n-shoot @ 3x the price of my earlier one, with rapid-fire shooting and various other intimidating bells-n-whistles. I have just uninstalled the old software and not yet got the new stuff in yet, due to being severely tekno-challenged. Let us pray. Prey. Whatever. Think kindly thoughts for me. Third: I totally grieve to hear about the KBADS problem. Fourth: I totally share your DIY inability, so I live in fear that the Buglet would contract KBADS somehow. A while back I left a note over there @ Otis’s about this, emphasizing the Buglet’s athletic skills and not letting on how worried I was to hear about KBADS — Otis does NOT seem like the empathetic type & frankly I’m scared of him. I was very impressed with the Potty Pod, but ditto re inability to contemplate building it. Over to you Wazzie.

    • Wazeau says:

      Nekoka isn’t quite as afflicted as poor Henry. He gets his body in the box okay, but his aim tends to be off as I said. This new box is high enough that it remains in the box instead of on the floor.
      I really hate camera shopping. I’m no photographer, I just want to chronical my pets. But I want the picture to get taken when I hit the button dang nabbit.

  3. Thank Cod nokitty here is KBADS afflicted, they leave the ENTIRE wee on the floor.


    My camera delay was solved with a battery-assisted flash, it wouldn’t recharge quick enough with the standard battery.

  4. Hallysann says:

    My last camera had the delay too, drove me potty.
    Have you tried pressing the button half way down to focus, then pressing it all the way when you take the shot ?
    Worth a try ?

  5. cult of otis says:

    Wazeau, I had no idea that Nekoka was afflicted with KBADS and that you were handily challenged. There are several top-entry litter boxes out there for sale (google “Clevercat top entry litterbox” for an affordable model), but the Guardians created the Potty Pod 3000 because Brother Henry is too large to fit in the commercially available options. Hopefully the new high-sided box with be effective for Nekoka, but if not, Clevercat might be worth a look.

    And Nadbugs, I am a very empathetic Leader! Sure, I might have plumped up a bit and gotten used to this safely confined, highly enriched life that I am now living, but I still remember the fear and suffering I endured as the son of two ferals, and I want to do everything I can to prevent other kitties from suffering in any way. I envision a world in which every kitty is a happy, healthy, safely confined and wanted kitty.

    So Sayeth Otis

    • Wazeau says:

      I will certainly check out Clevercat if this new box doesn’t work out, but both Neko and Sassy have taken to this new one like champs and I haven’t had any outside-the-box cleanups yet!

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