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An Afternoon Walk on the Chester County Bike Trail

My company recently moved its offices about five miles to a newer, better facility.  While I am not much for change, I must admit I like the new building much better then the old one. Besides the fact that the … Continue reading

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The Pressure, I Cannot Handle It

Am I the only one who shares her home with two cats who insist on accompanying their human to the bathroom? They race me upstairs and while I get myself situated, they settle in for what they assume will be … Continue reading

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It’s A Trap!

It is almost time for my dynamic duo to go to the vet for their yearly examination and vaccinations.  Since their first trip as babies, I take them together in a single large pet carrier.  Needless to say, they are … Continue reading

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That Time Of Year Again

My household is filled with feathers – detached flying through the air feathers, piles of feathers on the bottom of cages and all over the floor, little fluffy feathers on the couch, on the table, stuck to the TV, and … Continue reading

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My Little Vacuum Cleaner

Merlin, my Bronze-Wing Pionus, loves sucking up the leftovers from dinner. Here he is finishing up the soak-n-cook that Bandit left behind.  He also scoops up any lettuce or sprouts I’ve left clinging to the side of my salad bowl.  … Continue reading

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Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon – Female Versus Male

There is something about the long Sunday afternoon that brings out the lazy soul in everyone, human or cat.  The females enjoy the sun by positioning themselves in a comfortable way that shows off their luxurious fur and gorgeous whiskers. … Continue reading

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Breakfast Bandit

And no, this time it isn’t Bandit who is the grapefruit thief, it is Merlin! But he is so cute he can get away with it. He is such a delicate eater; he is a nibbler. I have to remember … Continue reading

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