It Is Just One Of Those Days

When there isn’t really much more to do then sleep all afternoon in the sun.


When the feel of the sun shining in your fur gives you nothing more ambitious to dream of then tuna, mice, and more long lazy days of summer.


Days when the warm sun through your ears sends you into cat heaven.


Days when sharing that warmth with your sister makes you all the more appreciative of your spoiled house cat existence.


When Sassafrass is so zonked out she doesn’t even notice when you poke your little paw towards her, sneaking in a love tap.


One of those days when the sun gleams in your whiskers and nothing can wake you up.  Except maybe Mom putting doing the camera and burying her nose in your warm white belly fur.

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2 Responses to It Is Just One Of Those Days

  1. TUMMY! In all those delicious fur flavors.

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