Thursdays are for Boxes

Bandit is wondering why Nekoka would even want to sit in that little tiny box.  Cats are so weird!


Nekoka, on the other hand, can’t understand why he is being allowed to remain stuffed into the new box that I so conveniently left open on the stove top for him.   (Is it obvious that I don’t cook?)


Neko doesn’t comprehend “big smile.”  He always looks sleepy, pouty, or miffed.  It could be because of the flash bulb always going off in his eyes, maybe? 


Oh, I guess this is why he can safely sit in the box on the stove – Sassafrass has found an even better box.  With a lid no less!  Do I dare try to cover her with it?  I don’t think so Smile with tongue out

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4 Responses to Thursdays are for Boxes

  1. debmoyes says:

    Cats and boxes…so funny! Last night I went upstairs to get the laundry basket in the twilight. I picked it up and was so startled that it was so heavy. Turns out Gizmo was trying to have a nap and he’s black and it was twilight… His other favorite place at the moment is a Nike box on a file cabinet by my husband’s computer, particularly near lunch time. ;-D

    • Wazeau says:

      Sassafrass races me to the laundry basket; she likes me to ferry her downstairs in it. I love they way they have to try every box on for size.

  2. lifewith4cats says:

    Nekoka looks as if hes eyeing the top of the fridge there. I suppose the box changes everything. 🙂

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