Where the Heck Have You Been?


My colleagues from some of our offices (Vancouver – Canada, Pune – India, Arizona, and Florida to name a few ) have been here in Malvern, Pennsylvania for a week long conference.  It was very cool to meet some of the people I have worked with for years face to face, but being stuck at work so late played hell with my sanity.


I’m one of those people for whom routine is very important.  And this week has been so far from routine that I’m mentally reeling.


My cats and parrots are also not used to me NOT being home by 4:30 to give them my full attention – as well as their dinners and play time out of their cages.  They were not very happy with me.


Luckily for me, the animals we share our homes with have pretty short memories and a huge capacity for giving back the love we give them.  But I plan on lavishing some extra time and affection on my crew this weekend to apologize.

And I’m going to dive deep into A Dance with Dragons, book five of the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin which I have been waiting on for god only knows how long!

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2 Responses to Where the Heck Have You Been?

  1. Excellent weekend plans! I never knew what an angry parrot looked like before now…

    • Wazeau says:

      My flock is so spoiled, they hate being stuck in their cages, which of course they are until I get home from work 🙂 But a few sunflower seeds and some wing stretches around the room and all is well, I’m forgiven.

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