Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon – Female Versus Male


There is something about the long Sunday afternoon that brings out the lazy soul in everyone, human or cat.  The females enjoy the sun by positioning themselves in a comfortable way that shows off their luxurious fur and gorgeous whiskers.


The males, though.  There is just not much you can add.  Even when they don’t have them, they flaunt them.


How can this be comfortable?  Nekoka spends more time on his back then any other cat I’ve ever known.

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10 Responses to Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon – Female Versus Male

  1. Eiin says:

    He likes showing off his awesome bellay!

  2. nadbugs says:

    OMG. I mean. How can you comment? Not do-able. Still. I want to try. What absolutely GEE-ORGEOUS pictures of Sass. And Nekoka? I howled. Which was funnier. Your text, the sheer visual impact, or the look on his face. What could he be saying? Let me take a stab (so to speak): “Yes? Is there something I can do for you? What are you doing, taking a picture of this? Is there something unusual going on, of which I am not aware? Help me out here. I don’t understand.”

  3. Shamelessness, thy name is CAT.

  4. Nekoka says:

    Rub mah bellay! You know you cannot resist mah bellay!

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