Each In Their Way

I worked from home on Wednesday while I had my shower stall refitted.  My cats participated in my day each in their own way.


Sassafrass keeps the bag I carry my laptop around in safe, secure, and warm.  This is serious business as you can tell from her expression.


Nekoka monitors my work from a wholly different perspective.  When I pause to think, he gives me that “get back to work” glare.


*** whazzat? ***


*** klonk snore ***


My shower will never be this sparkly clean again…

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4 Responses to Each In Their Way

  1. nadbugs says:

    That wouldn’t be a pile of cat-toys I see there on the chair now, would it? And whoots for the beautiful shower! How did your first one in it go? Glorious? I’m glad your work gives you some flexibility, to work from home when you need it. That wouldn’t be a more humane attitude there now, would it?

    • Wazeau says:

      Those are some of my nutrisystem bears on the chair. They give you a little stuffed bear for every ten pounds you lose. I lost 120 pounds – the rest of the bears are upstair. The cats are free to play with them but since they don’t reek of catnip, they aren’t that appetizing.

      Took my first shower in the new shower this morning; it was, indeed, glorious. It seems so much bigger although its the same size. I didn’t have to worry about inadvertantly bumping against the wall and when I turned it off, the water stopped dripping out of it (amazing!).

      I actually hate working from home because I have no where to work from but the coffee table which means I’m sitting on the floor most of the day. And the birds and cats won’t leave me alone! But I am very lucky that I can, when necessary, do so.

  2. Kame says:

    I like the 4th picture…watch out you might fall down!!!

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