Sunbathing Beauty


I think Sassafrass knows exactly how pretty she is with the sun creating dramatic shadows of her feet.


She is of such contrasting shadows herself, so dark above and creamy below.


It takes a true contortionist to get each and every bit of fur sparkly and in place.


But I think she accomplished the task admirably, and she, obviously, concurs.  Just look how shiny her whiskers are!  And the fluffy white belly!

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6 Responses to Sunbathing Beauty

  1. nadbugs says:

    Face-plant! Face-plant! I’ve said it before: Dark chocolate & caramel sundae. Argh. Must go eat something.

  2. Hey, Sassy!
    Great sun-puddle you’ve got there! I am enjoying a bright windowsill this morning. Good job with keeping that white fur so shiny!

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