Hanging Out

Now that the sun has finally come out Nekoka and Sassafrass take some time to hang out and enjoy it.


Neko has claimed the only surface on the cat tower with sunshine, so Sassafrass has to content herself with getting a bit of sun on her nose.


That didn’t last long though so she moved downstairs to hang on on the living room couch, trying to get some sunshine from the front window. It just wasn’t quite the right time of day for optimum sun unfortunately.


Such a hard life, being a house cat.


The sun moves, but sometimes the cat does not.

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6 Responses to Hanging Out

  1. nadbugs says:

    Trapped. In a sunless place. Tragic.

  2. Sometimes, laying around is such an effort…!!!

  3. Oldcat says:

    It isn’t being lazy, he just decided that he didn’t want more sun just as it left him and moved on.

    Perfect timing.

  4. Hallysann says:

    Cat’s aren’t lazy, they’re just pacing themselves .. after all they have nine lives to live through. 🙂

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