Making Herself At Home

My computer room is in the east end of my townhouse, so it gets the morning light, which, as any cat person can tell you, is highly prized real estate.  Especially as it has been such a rare occurrence this fall.


I headed into the room this morning to turn on the computer to find Sassafrass attempting to get comfortable on the back seat of my computer chair, which was the prime spot for sunshine.


I raced to grab the camera to try to get some shots of her getting settled.  She looks so divine when the sun lights up the caramel in her fur!  Not to mention those long sparkling white whiskers.


Unfortunately, the quilt I use as a chair cover seems a bit slippery for Sassy’s tastes.  She turned around a few times but was obviously not comfortably secure in her footing.


One last longing look out the window at the warm morning sun and then ooof!


Down she goes!  I’m too slow on the shutter as normal but I did get her rear end in a quick blur of cat tail and hind legs.  Which means I get my own spot in the sun for as long as it shines in the window.

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7 Responses to Making Herself At Home

  1. minlit says:

    Morning sun (on its rare Irish appearances) lands directly on the soft top of our neighbour’s Porsche….It is more often than not, quickly followed by Mojo and a little later by a shoe out the neighbour’s window. I must try and get a pic of him some morning.

  2. My hubby is such a pushover he would be building a ledge or some such for Sassy…he spoils our Cats terribly! I’m surprised she waited for you to take photos.

    • Wazeau says:

      Oh my two are very spoiled! You can’t see it in these but in the other corner of the room is an enormous cat tower just so they can see out the window in comfort!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Her eyes are literally shining in the picture before the last one! I so understand her in her attempts to get the sun spot. I watch my cat doing it in the mornings too. Sometimes I wake up specially to adjust any piles of clothes or chairs or a rag on the floor for her to get the sunbath.

    Your cat is very beautiful! I wish her lots of sunshine!

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