All Right Already, I Get the Point!


I’ll log out and get you dinner.


Can’t a girl finish a Guild Wars campaign just once without Nekoka Interruptus?

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15 Responses to All Right Already, I Get the Point!

  1. Nekoka says:

    Gimmie bacon!!!

  2. littlemiao says:

    LOL! Nekoka knows how to get his point across.

  3. Dianda says:

    My cat does exactly the same. :p

  4. minlit says:

    Love that face. Stripey pulls exactly the same one. Especially when he’s looking at Zizou…..Anyone who thinks cats are not expressive has never looked at one!

  5. The poor guy can’t get a moment of peace in any box or bag, the least you can do is feed him! Look at the poor guy – he’s just wasting away…

  6. It’s all about THEM…..well… is, isn’t it? 🙂 Sam is famous for “THE LOOK” – they all use it on us and it pretty much works every time!

    Pam and Sam

  7. Haha! The first pic, his face has a sarcastic half-smirk. I like this boy 🙂

    • Wazeau says:

      Nekoka does often have that little smirk on his mug. But he is really a very loving sweet huggable puss, who lives to cuddle and eat. It is only when the computer gets in the way of me fulfilling those obligations, you know, to provide him with food and cuddles, that he gets a bit cranky!

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