Nekoka Interruptus

Mom has started going into what used to be her son’s room and doing all sorts of mysterious things.

I must figure out what she is doing and how to get her back into her previous routine.

It is not that I mind her taking up a hobby…

But the stool she is sitting on does not allow me to fit in her lap.  This must be corrected.

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8 Responses to Nekoka Interruptus

  1. Nekoka looks like an “artist in training” on that canvas!

    Pam and Sam

  2. Dianda says:

    If you would have given her some paint, she could go all artistic on the canvas. 😛

  3. I bet it would be much cozier and better for snoozing/supervising if you adjusted that lamp downwards just a bit for Nekoka – so he could feel the heat on his furry rump.

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