Arizona Scenery

Despite the general overcast nature to the weather on my trip to Tucson, I got some lovely memories of the mountains and desert.


We passed this mountain on the way up to Phoenix, where we visited the Phoenix Zoo and went to dinner at Pappadeaux, which, by the way, had the most wonderful food I have eaten in just about forever.   Fried alligator is amazing, and the New Zealand King Salmon Florentine, man, I’m in heaven just remembering the taste.


It was very cool to see all the snow on the mountains, with the burnished red-gold of the desert below it.


The sun came and went throughout the day.  These shots are up at Kartchner Caverns where we toured the Big Room.  This particular part of the caverns isn’t always open due to the bats, so it was neat to see it.  We love touring caves.  Next visit we will have to see the Rotunda/Throne Tour which Tony says is even more fascinating.


Tony is really taking his photography seriously! 


Sometimes I find it astonishing that my son is a grown up.  He is going to be twenty-nine in January!  How is that possible?


The sunset was rather ominously gorgeous. 


Next time I visit the desert though, I hope I don’t have to wear my winter coat.

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14 Responses to Arizona Scenery

  1. catfromhell says:

    Beuatiful! The scenery is simialr to around where we lives, but a little more rugged

  2. You got a lot of great photos…..hubby and I have been to that area once on a vacation over 20 years ago but it was in April vs. winter. Lovely to see snow on the mountains. It’s a GREAT place for a photographer isn’t it?


    • Wazeau says:

      It does have so many extremes that make for a nice shot. I love visiting there but I’m still not sold on living there. If Tony does make it his permanent home after he finishes school, I do have a decision to make!

  3. nadbugs says:

    I was just wondering that, about whether you might move there. I love it out there so much — if I were you, I’d sic Bugsy on Tony and that would be that — everybody bends to the will of The Bugs.

    • Wazeau says:

      I may call upon him after my son graduates – he still has at least a year to go before they are both out of college. But wherever they settle, I think I will probably end up moving at least on the same side of the country. I miss my boy.

  4. Flo says:

    What a spectacular part of the world!

    • Wazeau says:

      Tony says the dry heat is so much better then Pennsylvania’s humidity, and no snow to shovel during the winter! But when I visit its cold and wet and snow up on them there peaks! What’s to believe…

  5. Hallysann says:

    Beautiful landscapes, love the last but one in particular. 🙂

  6. Candace says:

    Lovely pictures of a beautiful state 🙂

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