Nekoka Chilling


If I sit in here long enough, do you think Mom will feed me this salmon?   Or some sardines?


She’s pretty slow on the uptake though.  Maybe if I knock the cans over?


Or pretend to fall asleep on them?  Hrmmm, how long must I chill here before she gets the message and puts down the camera for the can opener?


This is taking way too long.  I am not usually allowed to sit in the cabinet… akkk!


Busted.  Time to flee for my life!

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20 Responses to Nekoka Chilling

  1. animalartist says:

    What, doesn’t everyone have a cat in a kitchen cabinet?

  2. cult of otis says:

    And the orange tabby coat is perfect camouflage against that light woodgrain!

  3. Perhaps Nekkoka was simply protecting her stash…

  4. Hope you got your fishes.

  5. But, that cabinet is the perfect kitty size!

  6. HA! Great photos……Nekoka certainly has the “guarding of the food” thing down to a fine science!

    Pam (and Sam)

  7. catfromhell says:

    What a empty cupboard! There is no room for even little mes in ours. If yous not careful opening the door all the stuff falls out!

  8. Patricia says:

    I always get the cat food first any left over dollars I buy food for me. So my cabinet is usually pretty bare but the cat pantry is full.

  9. Flo says:

    I bet Nekoka’s wishing for opposable thumbs so he could cut out the middle man (or woman) and just get the job done himself!

  10. Herman says:

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one with a cat in the kitchen cabinet! But I should have known better, never underestimate a streetwise cat!

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