Sassafrass Sits In It

My girl Sassy is the Queen of Cat Credo #1 – If I Fits in It, I Sits in It. She was too fast for me to catch her climbing in so you get to watch two minutes of her owning the box.

I should have learned by now to have the camera in my hand and set to “Movie” before I empty the boxes.

Ignore the sheets on the furniture and floor – I have parrots.  They are messy.  Not that the carpet is clean by any means.  What can I say – I’m an animal person!

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4 Responses to Sassafrass Sits In It

  1. minlit says:

    Roll on the days when we will have cameras in the palm of our hands. I mean, like, stitched in 🙂 I’ve never yet managed to catch Stripey chasing his tail on vid. Which is a pity, but I live in hope.
    She’s so serene in that box. As though every box is her spiritual home. Wise cat.

    • Wazeau says:

      I always get the tail end (hardie har har) of the good stuff. I want a camera embedded in my forehead, not my hands though. Blink once for photo, twice for movie!

  2. Cats and boxes – an irresistible combination! Doesn’t matter what size, what type, where they are, what they have IN them even……cats will “own” a box better than anything else (even whatever arrived in the box!). I’m with you though – why don’t I EVER have my camera handy for these little moments?!?!?!

    Pam (and Sam)

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