Merlin Wants Up There

Merlin and Bandit usually help me do my bills on a Sunday afternoon up in the computer room.  Merlin is still pretty hormonal so Bandit is perched on the shelf up on top of the computer desk to avoid trouble.  Merlin is not a happy camper.

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8 Responses to Merlin Wants Up There

  1. Mr Moody! I liked the little dance he did before he made up his mind to relocate.

    • Wazeau says:

      He has a lot of little rituals he goes through to help him make up his mind to do stuff. I like when he shakes his head and ruffles his feathers and gives himself a little scratching.

  2. catfromhell says:

    Nellie’s Mom here,
    There I was, watching the video, Nellie laying beside my left hip and this paw came up and started patting Merlin. And then her face was right up to the screen when he did his dance and took off. Nellie jumped up tried to catch him with her paw!
    So, we played it again! She loves it!

  3. Alexandra says:

    What a happy and gorgeous bird! And I love this awesome cat’s climbing station (not sure about the term) in the background!

  4. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew says:

    Merlin we enjoyed the video…it is very apparent Bandit does not want to be around you right now…hope that all changes soon and you two will be back dancing together. Hugs and nose kisses

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