But It Is Always the Cheapest

I spend an inadmissable (is that even a word?) amount of money pampering my cats and parrots with toys.


But it is always the cheapest (i.e. free) items that they love the most.  Like this piece of cardboard ripped from a box and wedged between the bars on Merlin’s cage.


Amazingly enough, they are playing with it at the same time.  Always a good sign that hormonal hostilities are almost at an end!


Merlin has decided he’d rather scratch his head with the cardboard then chomp on it. Bandit thinks he’s a goof.

Of course, the moment I switched to video they decided they didn’t want to chow down on cardboard anymore.

But they were being so darn cute that I couldn’t stop making movies.   Watch at your own peril and remember, parrots live longer then you do so don’t let their cuteness cause you to run out and adopt one of your own!

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16 Responses to But It Is Always the Cheapest

  1. orientallily001 says:

    My mama never had a lot of money when I was little. She had been abandoned and I was feral. She gave us acorns with which to play and do you know what? They were the best toys ever. I still, to this day, even though now I have a home and all, love a good game with the acorns.

  2. catfromhell says:

    That’s like us here! Me and Kozmo just loves bottle caps and boxes and the Hairy Slobbery sisters thinks ripping pillows to shreds is great fun!

  3. msmouse7 says:

    Although they like the natural or cheap stuff, we still spend $$ for what we think are cool toys. So who is the smarter species I wonder?

  4. Sallyann says:

    Alice’s favourite toys at the moment are the little plastic plantpots which would usually be binned soon after the plants arrive home from the plantshop. 🙂

    • Wazeau says:

      Bandit loves ripping up plastic too but since he tends to try to eat it I have to keep the plastic away 😦

      • Sallyann says:

        She doesn’t appear to be ripping them at all, she was picking them up and just throwing them around but has started another hole in the garden this afternoon so won’t play with anything else until that’s done. 🙂

  5. Papoe says:

    How fun!! I wish to have a toy too…will tell mommy soon.

  6. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew says:

    Our cats love balls of aluminum foil and other things not toys. It is very easy to keep most pets entertained and not spend any money. Love the pictures and video. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Wazeau says:

      I find those foil balls in the most unexpected places around here! My birds also love destroying the cardboard toilet paper holders. But I think my cats’ favorite toy is me!

  7. nadbugs says:

    The Shoelace of Eternal Delight. Cost: One shoelace and one half of the spurned Da Bird. It cost something, you see. Therefore spurned.

  8. littlemiao says:

    yet more evidence of the similarities between kitties and birds! Sprocket’s favorite toys are dust bunnies and kibbles.

  9. Isla’s favourite toys are boxes, corks and walnuts. Also, anything I buy for Charlie — the identical toy bought for her is totally uninteresting.

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