Helping Mom Watch TV


This is how we watch TV in Wazeau’s World.


Nothing around happens without parrot supervision.  And my leg and hip make the best perch.


Eventually Merlin, gorgeous and serene, gets my leg all to himself. 


Cause Bandit needs to velcro himself to my neck or face.  He’s my sweetie, what can I say.

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17 Responses to Helping Mom Watch TV

  1. ahahahah totally cute. would luv to play with one of those guys (wellll maybe a bit more than play…uummhmm)

    • Wazeau says:

      They like playing with my cats too – I really want to get a video of Merlin chasing Sassy out of the kitchen. He looks so funny when he runs around after her. But I immediately chase him down and get him back up off the floor – I don’t like him teasing my kittens. Too risky that their instincts take over.

  2. littlemiao says:

    Awwww. They are so sweet!

  3. lemniscate47 says:

    Ohh, Waseau!! What Beautiful Oiseaux!!! Merlin looks quite tentative.. a quite shy little chap. But, Bandit looks like a right little monkey!! [???] No, Not literally, of course!!
    He certainly looks like the parrots on your favourite Tee-shirt. xx
    They’re both in splendid condition.. I see their cages off to the side there, where they can see everything that’s going on. They like to be included, don’t they?!!

    • Wazeau says:

      They do want to be involved in everything! They are usually only in their cages when I’m not home or after their bedtime which is when I get on the computer. The rest of the time they are on me or their play swings or upstairs in the computer room (if I’m there) perched on the chair or the cat tower. Parrots like to be around their flockmates of which I am lucky to be counted one.

      They are a tad spoiled 😛 Merlin is a little gentlemen most of the time and yes, Bandit is my little monkey! Typical conure.

      • lemniscate47 says:

        Fab!! It’s Great to hear they have such full lives. Your house looked very open in the photo of them both on your leg.. do they fly about?? Do either of them copy speech or make their own noises??

        • Wazeau says:

          Both my birds are fully-flighted. Bandit, the conure, flies much more then Merlin who flies like a football – straight and to the point. Bandit is more like a seagull, acrobatic with lots of turns and ups and downs. They fly to follow me as I move around – into the kitchen, to the couch. When I head upstairs, they fly to me and come up the stairs perched on me – thats a tight turn for them so they let me do the work. But they don’t just fly around in circles or anything. They hang out on or above their cages, or on me, and fly to get between the different perching spots.

          My two aren’t big talkers. Merlin says Pretty Bird, Bandit says Hello but only when the phone rings (and that isn’t often!). They like to yell though!

          • lemniscate47 says:

            Thanks, Was, What Fun they must be to have around you in your Life. Such pretty creatures with surprisingly distinctive personalities.. at least I was surprised by my first parrot pal.. a little green chap named Wickins.. used to love being sprayed with strong spray bottle of jug water [Brita-type]. He used splay his wings n duck n bob n twist n turn under the sprays.. reminded me of a prima donna opera singer in the shower somehow. He was a little smasher!! They had to have a sign on the front door warning everyone NOT to say Hello, cos if Wickins heard Hello, he’d be Hello-ing in different voices for hours!! n ended up driving everyone up the wall. He’d have to be put to bed with his cover over him to stop him.. eventually. Funny little bod. I bet Bandit flying is a sight to behold.. Merlin, too, of course. little Dears, both of them. Do the cats not try for them.. instinctively?? xxx

        • Wazeau says:

          For your viewing pleasure 🙂
          Merlin showering

          Bandit bathing

          • lemniscate47 says:

            Ohh!!! You shoulda heard me hootin’ n laughin’!! I love his little squeeeks of pleasure.. too!! Ohh!! He loves it, doesn’t he??!!! Ohh, Look at him?!! Soaked!! Absolutely soaked!! Ohh, God Love Him!!!
            Ohh, Thank You, Was!! That was so funny!! What a Lovely Surprise!! xxx
            [Just back from dentist.. immeasurably Fab movie to see here n now!!! Thanks, Babe, Thanks, Merlin!! xxx

          • Wazeau says:

            My boys love getting wet, huh! I’m so glad you liked the video, they are so fun to try to get good movies of.

          • lemniscate47 says:

            Another one.. I nearly missed it… Ohh, Look!! He loves it, too!! [Going from big to small n back again here] He’s absolutely soaked, sopping wet!! Ohh, That was Brilliant. Just watched it through again full screen.. What funny little bods they they are. That was just Delightful, Waseau!! Thanks very much indeed for setting that up for me. I thought my memory of Wickins getting Soaked musta been faulty.. but, No!! That’s exactly what they like.
            Made My Day, they have. Thank You.. All1! xxx

          • Wazeau says:

            They are like a couple of little boys with how much they love water 🙂 They do let me know under no uncertain terms when they wantto bathe, too! Well, Bandit bathes, Merln showers!

  4. The Big Girl says:

    lol..I don’t know what I expected to see, from the head line! Don’t know what would happen if the M-Cats would let me have birds:)

    • Wazeau says:

      Birds plus cats makes for an interesting household. I keep them pretty segregated and never leave them unsupervised if they are in the same room. The cats leave the birds alone and the parrots, the cats, except for guarding their cages. Merlin sometimes gets it into his head to chase Sassafrass around the living room – he will actually get down on the floor to do it. She runs because he is pretty beligerent; I have to rescue her.

  5. lemniscate47 says:

    Yikes!! That’s a sight that’d certainly get your heart pumpin’!!
    I’ve a friend with a little Budgerigar n a ‘Pug’ dog. The budgie will boss the little dog about.. but then, Pug is a good little dog n has been told ‘Reggie’ is to be considered one of the family.. not something you can do with a cat!! xxx

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