Dueling Kittens–Sunbathing Style


When the late afternoon sun pours into my bedroom, my two cats take their respective sides and begin their sunbathing duel.


Sassafrass finds the side nearest my bureau has just the right angle to show off her fuzzy belly and brilliant white whiskers, while her back legs stay cool in the shade.  She prefers the sun in her face.

Nekoka would rather hang out by the grass where he can keep his backside toasty.  He claims his belly is just as fuzzy and I cannot argue there.  They both have the kissable white paws down pat.


Sensing her competition on the far side of the room, Sass stretches out her forelegs to show off the dazzling white patch on her chest, curling one little white paw in ecstasy.


She knows I’m a sucker for her crooked little face.    I give her this round.   Don’t tell Neko.

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15 Responses to Dueling Kittens–Sunbathing Style

  1. ya gotta luv these guys, huh? totally cute and so comfy with each other…nice…

    • Wazeau says:

      It is so nice when siblings get along! They never fight, they love playing tag and wrestle, and they take turns sitting on my lap getting cuddles. These two are the most loving cats that have ever graced my home with their presence.

  2. catfromhell says:

    They are totally cute! Kozmo and me uses different sun puddles totally (well most of the time)

    • Wazeau says:

      Sharing a sun-puddle is a good but if there are plenty of puddles to go around then having one all your own is purrrfectly okay!

  3. lemniscate47 says:

    Ahh!! They are Beautiful, aren’t they?? Both of them!! I realised we were having a Parrot Day yesterday. Today Cuddly Cat Day!! I’m surprised every time I see her by how dark n luscious Sassy’s fur is. I have recent experience otherwise of quite light gingery torties. Bernadette’s Kelly, for one, n my neighbour’s cat n my friend Suzie for two. Plus a stray Calico n white girlie that another neighbour n Cats Protection n I managed to restore to her owner earlier in the month.. that’s three. All paler than your Sassy’s gloriously dark mix fur. Not one of those others have her cheeky, pert little face, either.. What a combination!!
    When there’s a Ginger Cat in the family, he’s usually the Star, but Nekoka, handsome though he undoubtedly is, definitely has to vie with Sassy for honours of Star, doesn’t he?!! As you say, though, it will be assessed n decided on a daily basis n Nekoka looks a little subdued today, for some reason, doesn’t he??. Has he got something on his mind, I wonder??
    [[What mind?? I hear you say!! No!! Don’t!!]] Or is he just disappointed to have lost his Star for Today.. at least. Cats are so competetive, aren’t they??Especially when it comes to Mommy’s Love. Sometimes, they just don’t realise that you Love them Both Equally.. that you Love your All Best Babbies, All Four, in fact, Equally!! Chin up, Nekoka!! It’ll soon be time for a Game!! xxx
    p.s. Ohh, n Speaking of Games.. n Beautiful Bellies, as we earlier were.. if you don’t mind me saying, you two.. Both of your undeniably Beautiful Bellies.. are beginning to look.. how shall I say this.. a little ample??.. a little on the full side.. for the nippers you still are. Not a little verging on the porky, I, Certainly, wouldn’t go so far as to say that!!
    If you organised yourselves an extra game or two, though .. n helped yourselves to a paw-full fewer of your best biscuits.. you’d be surprised how Spritely you’d be feeling!! How Luxorious Lithe feels. Don’t bite my head off, OK?!! Just saying.. !!! Love yer Loads!! xxx Annie

    • Wazeau says:

      Even though Nekoka has his full-blooded ginger card and hence should rule the household, he unfortunately does take second fiddle to his sister most of the time. And as for your comment about their bellies, they inform me that they are SVELTE, not PORKY! They have no trouble reaching each and every part for cleaning, and they get me to work the cat fishing pole often enough to keep them in purrrfect shape! (the purrfect shape being, of course, slightly rounded!)

      • lemniscate47 says:

        Well, I stand corrected!!
        Please accept my most sincere Apologies.
        It’s Lovely to be Svelte,
        Dear Lovelies. xxx

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh……….the joy of sun puddles………..looks like both of them know the best positions to be in to get the full JOY of the sun!!!! Great shots…….

    Pam (and Sam)

  5. nadbugs says:

    Like bookends. Love the ones of Sass.

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