You Need The Toilet?


I don’t think so!

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16 Responses to You Need The Toilet?

  1. Pat Bean says:

    I actually once owned a cross-eyed, 17-pound Siamese with an overbite, who was still quite beautiful, who actually used the toilet. Nobody trained him to do so. He figured it out all on his own. His name was Imp.

    • Wazeau says:

      A 17 pound Siamese? Wow I always think of them as so slender! Imp is such a great name for a Siamese too. I can’t imagine my cats using the toilet for anything other then a perch to watch me scrub my teeth, and a throne to keep me on my toes when I really need to go!

  2. Nekoka knows a good, soft nap spot when he sees one! No matter WHERE it’s located….. 😀

    Pam (and Sam who totally approves of Nekoka’s choice of landing zones)

  3. That’s brilliant! We ginger cats know whats comfy that’s for sure 🙂

  4. nadbugs says:

    It’s the draped paw that gets me. Mr. Nonchalance.

  5. Wazeau says:

    You know I make fun of him and all, but in reality, this is where he sits or lays every morning while I take my shower. It’s another of our rituals – this is the first I see him in the morning upon leaving my shower (he sleeps elsewhere, unlike Sassy who sleeps with me), and he expects and gets a good morning head scratch after I get my towel in place.

  6. you’re right! Possession in nine tenths of the law! And dude, you have total possession…the toidie is alllllll yours!

  7. lemniscate47 says:

    No, Sorry, I’m Determined!! I assumed you put this little softest fuzzy BLUE cushion here for me. Ergo..!! My seat!!
    You’ll have to go widdle somewhere else!!

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