Box Drama


You know what is coming.  Nekoka is trying to look innocent but is failing miserably.


Sassafrass was first in the box and will not give ground.  Nekoka is considering giving her a run for her money.


She flattens herself deeper into the box while Nekoka gauges the distance and required trajectory.


He landed a right cross but Queen Boxer retaliated.  If only I was quick enough on the shutter to get more then one frame!


Sassafrass remains champion of all things, box related or otherwise. 

Make no mention of the humungous hole in my closet (anyone with parrots might understand) or the dirt on the floor (long week) or yet another empty box after I swore off buying any more of their veggie chips.  I didn’t!  I bought shelled sunflower and pumpkin seeds and some chia seeds and some tumeric.  Mostly for the birds, I swear.

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21 Responses to Box Drama

  1. rumpydog says:

    What is it with cats and little boxes?

  2. Yeah, totally!! I fits, I sits! And way to go girl furriend Ms Sassafrass! Hold your ground

  3. The Big Girl says:

    for the birds…yeah sure the boids
    did you read the box? it said Nuts!

  4. Penelope says:

    Ha! Ha! Girls Rule! Wait til yous sees me (and not Kozmo)!

  5. lemniscate47 says:

    She’s slightly smaller, isn’t she? But she’s Steely!! Way to go, Sass!!
    Good ole Nekoka, let her win that one [?!!] Lovely series. Thanks, Waseau xxx

    • Wazeau says:

      She would say she is more then “slightly” smaller then Nekoka Monster. She thinks she’s petite but her belly says differently. But it isn’t size that counts around here, its attitude.

      • lemniscate47 says:

        Sassi has Attitude.. or Cattitude to spare.. the poor Nekoka Monster didn’t stand a chance, really, did he?!! Did you see her face in the third photo?!! Yikes!!
        No offense meant on the size issue there, Sassi. Gorgeous Girlie!! xxx

  6. littlemiao says:

    yay, she won! You clearly need to place another order with so Nekoka can have his own box.

  7. Great pictures! Your Sassafrass looks like my sister feline Gracie who has almost the same face mask and markings in her coat. And of course I love, Nekoka, being a ginger cat myself. We often have feline wars at my house over boxes and paper bags, too! Loved your post!

    • Wazeau says:

      I love Sassy’s markings and the way you can see that she and Nekoka are siblings by the way his color peeks out on her face and legs. They don’t really fight at all, they have tug of war over boxes and toys and play tag all the time, but Sassafrass definately gets her own way over spaces and cat towers. Nekoka wins with the food bowl though – she always waits for him to finish eating even when they both have their own dishes.

  8. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Great shots of the scuffle to the box. We think two boxes would be good, but then they would both want the same box if it is there like here. 🙂 Hugs and nose kisses

    • Wazeau says:

      But two boxes means way to much planning ahead on my part! (I have actually had two boxes out at the same time to see if they would both sit in them for some yummy pictures, but Nekoka isn’t really as obsessed with box-sitting as Sassafrass is. In fact if she had left the box, he wouldn’t have bothered to hop in. He was just being a rascal.)

  9. boldbohemian says:

    Score for Sassafras!

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