8.28.2012 Finally

My cat blog friends may not understand, but this makes my toes curl.  For the first time in perhaps my entire life, I can say with honesty, that I cannot wait for summer to end.

Greibach explains the timeline much better than I ever could.  I have been playing the beta weekends and everything I see only makes me anticipate the Guild Wars 2 live date more.  This game is going to be awesome – because its been designed from the ground up for fun – not to maintain subscriptions – it is free to play!  Shell out the box charge and that’s it.  No limited content, no ceilings, just have fun.  We certainly did on the beta weekends and we certainly will come live.

Wazeau will be reincarnated as a Sylvari ranger on the Crystal Desert server, Dinone will be an Asura elementalist, Ahlee will probably be my Charr engineer, Tanatia a human necromancer, and Sofenne a Norn, not sure which class yet but maybe a thief or guardian or a mesmer.  It will be so fun to have the gang back together – I have been playing MMORPGs with the same group of people since Everquest.  We have been playing a bit of Lord of the Rings since we ditched Star Wars: The Old Republic, and although its fun, each GW2 beta weekend just left me chomping at the bit for live.

Not to mention I really miss playing games with my kid.  Even though he is on the opposite coast from me and we are two and sometimes three hours apart (Arizona doesn’t honor daylight savings time), when we are both into a game we do find times overlapped where we can hang out and kill stuff together – because the family that MMORPGs together kicks ASS together!

Nekoka reminds me that only one thing surely takes precedence over my computer video game addiction – cat dinner time.

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8 Responses to 8.28.2012 Finally

  1. Nekoka…make them pay attention to you furriend! What is a ‘puter game’ compared to a live warm purrring cat! seriously!

  2. minlit says:

    Time for another blogeau, methinks! I have 6 or 7 at last count 🙂

  3. littlemiao says:

    I’m afraid to start playing super fun computer games because I would never stop.

    Chun gets just as mesmerized by the computer screen as people do. Sometimes he tries to find the mouse behind the screen.

  4. nadbugs says:

    I LOVE that look on his face. I can just hear it: Well? Well? Well?

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