My Neighbor Is Into Pots


And all of us lucky enough to be his neighbor are making out like bandits with the peppers and cucumbers and holy, cow, look at this watermelon taking over the drive!  You can’t see them, but there are at least five watermelon fruits growing under all those leaves.


All the pepper plants are full – and dangerous.  He says he went crazy in Home Depot and came home with so many that he ended up spreading out into my yard as well.  But that’s fine with me as I get dibs as they ripen up.


He keeps trying to get me to take as many as I want.  I tell him, I’m just one person man, I can’t eat that many peppers!


He even has some ornamental gourds growing in pots.  Look at this lovely example!


I can barely keep cat grass growing; I have no idea how he manages to do so well with the pot garden.  But there is nothing as yummy as a cucumber fresh from the vine.  Now if only I could get him to plant a few beds of leaf lettuce for next year, I’ll be all set.

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6 Responses to My Neighbor Is Into Pots

  1. animalartist says:

    Cut those peppers in half and put them in the freezer!

    But you might not want to call it a “pot garden” unless you want to get him into trouble.

  2. Patricia says:

    Hey, how about some catnip!

  3. oh my cat!! my Mom would so luv to be able to grow stuff like that in pots…sigh…but we have to move in a few weeks…oh well…..

  4. catfromhell says:

    I want your peppers! I can see all the Tequila Jalapeno Jelly Now!
    Nellies Mom

  5. Sallyann says:

    He’s definitely got a set of green fingers there. 🙂

    • Wazeau says:

      And all us neighbors benefit from it! I’ve been adding a banana pepper from one of his pots to my evening vegetable dish – oh my it really does give it a good flavor!

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