Bird Toys, Cat Boxes, and Vet Anxiety


Unpacking the newest assortment of bird chew toys, a new perch for Bandit who is eating through his current one due to his molting anxiety, and some sandstone flat perches, gives Sassafrass and Nekoka one of their favorite toys as well – a new cardboard box, of course!


Both kitties had their annual vet trip yesterday and it was not pleasant.  Trapping them both in their respective cat carriers was upsetting – the minute I brought the carries upstairs from their basement hideout, both cats hid and I spent a frantic ten minutes trying to find them and corral them.  That is one of my nightmares – not being able to find them and being late for our appointment!


Nekoka has put on some weight since his last visit, but Sassy has maintained her lovely figure.  Unfortunately for her though, her teeth have built up some tartar and now I have to take her in for a cleaning in two weeks, which necessitates the horrific duty of not allowing her food or water from 10pm the previous evening until I drop her off at the office at 8 in the morning.


The logistics of this stupefy me.  I hate having to think about this.  And of course it means Nekoka will also have to fast as I’m not separating her or isolating her or locking her up in a room or anything.  I guess in the morning I’ll pack her in a carrier and then cover her so she won’t see me feed and put the water fountain back out for Nekoka.  She will already be ticked off enough without seeing that.


Then to have to leave her all day at the vets – this has never happened to her.  I hope she will forgive me and forget it.  I know everything will be fine but one frets, right?


Nekoka better not cause a fuss when she gets back either.  Actually, it was Sassy who had the hard time when Nekoka had to go in for an office visit.  She really didn’t like his scent when he got back; she hissed at him and smacked him upside the head.  And now the shoe (or the smell?) will be on the other foot!

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13 Responses to Bird Toys, Cat Boxes, and Vet Anxiety

  1. Flo says:

    They can make you feel guilty can’t they! If I get one of the cat baskets out George bolts behind the biggest, heaviest piece of furniture in the house, which I can’t move. Taking him anywhere requires military planning. All doors to rooms where he has a particular awkward or completely inaccessible hiding spot are closed before food comes out or while he’s got his head in the trough. I’ve tried the whole getting the cat baskets out the night before but he’s on to that one – he eats and then hides. I’ve had to phone the cattery before and explain that he had hidden and we were just going to have to play a waiting game until he came out! I hope your next trip isn’t too stressful!

    • Wazeau says:

      Since they said 10pm and later, I figure I’ll just put away the dishes and the water fountain and ignore all looks of anger and wonder coming from them. In the morning when they usually expect to be fed I’ll put her in the carrier before its time to go, and then feed Nekoka and get the fountain back up and running. I’ll get the carrier out the night before since I keep it in the basement and just be ready to dump her in it. Its the only time she ever hisses. But these carriers have a top opening which is awesome, I just plop her down in it and zip it up.

  2. rumpydog says:

    Just went through that myself this week. Poor kitty cut a stinky in the car and I had to check the carrier for residuals before going inside te clinic.

  3. Patricia says:

    Catkid mama’s have as much vet anxiety as the cat patient. I know that for a fact!

  4. lemniscate47 says:

    Hi, Waseau, Sweetie n I’ve been going through all that vet’s visit upset recently with her ear troubles, as you know. I hate every moment of it. I hate pulling her about, full stop.. n we have a twice daily antibiotic tablet to give to her.. INSIDE her cone. The process truely horrifies me, but I have to make light of it n stay calm n cheerful.. or we’d never get it done.. n the biggest consolation is that I know ‘It’s for the Best’, even if she doesn’t.
    Then, even with bleeding fingers n thumbs [n I’m, unfortunately, a really experienced pill-giver], I give her a little treat to eat ‘For being a Good Girl’. Phew!! Done.. for another 12 hours!!
    I agree with Flo, a good capture takes planning n calm. Locking cat/s into a room, kitchen or bathroom or hallway, that has no solid hiding places. Then, getting the carriers. I lift, by scruff n supporting other hand under rump, if necessary.. n POST each cat in BACKWARDS into their respective carriers.. n get the door shut SECURELY.. Quickly.. Carefully. Phew!! Done!!
    We have those solid plastic body carriers with the gate at one end. Posting in backwards was a hard learnt lesson.. after spending Forever trying to get an eight foot wide, Ten Footed bundle of desperate Lovely + his/her 3 five foot tailies into the 3 inch square opening in the carrier. Posting in backwards at least makes this part of the preceedings bearable.
    Good Luck with the starving, too. So difficult if you have both supper AND breakfast to refuse.. as they try desperately to remind their idiot human that “It’s Time!!”.. Don’t You Understand “Time.. for OUR FOOD!!” Blooming cats, eh?!! I Love them!! xxx
    I hope Bandit n Merlin were suitable pleased with their spiffy new accessories. xxx

    • Wazeau says:

      Well luckily for me its not really dinner and breakfast, since the vet said “after 10” and they get dinner at 4:30 or so! My cat carriers have a top opening so I just plop her down into it and zip it up. Hehehe she’s sitting in my lap right now making biscuits on my thigh – I feel so guilty!

  5. Oldcat says:

    Julius is a ‘hiss at the vet smell’ guy and went a little wild hissing and smacking Gus when he just got back from his cleaning. – not code red smacking and fighting though

    You might want to release her in a room of her own until she chills out

  6. Hi there! You just got a new follower.
    I don’t have a blog but I love to follow cool bloggers like you. Nice to meet you! 🙂

  7. well, thank Cod both are well…and Mom says, she also dreads having to capture me for a VET visit…not even mentioning the even more dreaded nail clipping snatch and grab that is due any day now…sigh….no paw pats, too scared of the nail clip…Savannah

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