In Honor Of Black Cats

This is Scarecrow, taken in June 2002.  Wasn’t he a handsome fellow?  I adored the little white patch on his chest and his beautiful, soulful green eyes. 

He was a very sweet cat – not super demonstrative but he did not mind being picked up and hugged by either me or my son Tony, show here in December 2002.


He always seemed to have a slightly mournful look about him.  He was much smaller then Leo and quicker, and he loved playing chase and fetch. 


This is a old photo from back when Tony and I lived in the trailer home.  Leo was always right next to one of us, and Crow a bit further away.  Dare I admit that this is making me a little teary eyed?   My son looks so young, in my mind this could be only yesterday – was it really over twenty years ago?



I pulled these shots off a very old archive of my old geocities web site so they aren’t very good.  Look at Crow eyeing Bandit.  Bandit isn’t the least bit afraid either, he strutted right over at Crow and Crow took off.


Merlin and Leo are helping Tony play some video game in this old photo.  One of these days I have to go through all my albums and re-scan in some of these gems.  I have so many photos!  But I seem to have drifted quite far from my original post theme of black cats!

It was not long after my son joined the Air Force that I lost both Leo and Scarecrow – Leo to old age (he was almost 20!) and Scarecrow got out of the house not long after Leo died and did not come back home.  I decided that it hurt too much losing beloved pets; I did not want any more cats.

Well we know how that turned out.  As any animal lover will tell you, it is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all – and why cut ourselves off from the love our animal companions can give just because we know that one day we will suffer their loss.

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20 Responses to In Honor Of Black Cats

  1. As I read this, and anticipated your loss (because I have not met these fur-babies before) I also got a bit emotional – but I think it is seeing your son; so young, and still such a handsome man; with the family now passed that really got to me. Thank you for sharing your memories 🙂

    • Wazeau says:

      I can’t believe Tony will be thirty in January. Thirty! Jeeze how old does that make me! I remember so clearly balancing him on one hand and forearm.

  2. yep! after Mom and Dad had all 3 of my before me brothers and sister go OTRB in less than one year, they said ‘No More”…we are too old…it hurts too much…”…they are retired but only mid-late 60’s…and then in a month, they found me…and here we all are together in our furrever home…me, Mom and Dad..nice, huh? paw pats, Savannah

    • Wazeau says:

      I think your Mom and Dad are very lucky that they have you. I know I am so lucky to have my furbabies and my feathered ones too. They fill the empty places in my world and give me such love and happiness.

  3. Awwww… what an adorable post. It is just like that: we think it hurts too much so we thing we won’t be doing that again… But LOVE, well… LOVE has always different plans. We just gotta LOVE stuff/people/pets. So we start it all over again. CONGRATS for keeping the LOVE alive! It is very hard at times, but LOVE really is … worth it all. Hugs all the way from Brazil!

  4. Patricia says:

    I tried not having a cat. Lasted less than two weeks. Now I have Teddy. Being a catkid mama is part of my life that is important to my sanity–crazy cat lady label be hanged!

  5. animalartist says:

    Cynthia, Scarecrow makes me think of Mr. Sunshine! How sad that he disappeared, it’s always been one of my biggest fears, just to never see them again. And they do mark the times of our lives, don’t they? “When we had (cat’s name)…” But they are always a part of those days. So glad you decided to adopt the little munchkins.

    • Wazeau says:

      I very much learned my lesson with Scarecrow – my new crew have never left the house except in their carriers. If my housing situation was different maybe, if we were out in the country perhaps, but it is way too dangerous here for me to risk it. And you are right, memory is a funny thing. I can barely remember huge parts of my history, but I can name and remember so clearly every animal that has ever been a part of my life, all the way back to Babinly Crinofus, my first little blue budgerigar, Snowball, the American Eskimo we had when I was in second grade, and my very first cat, Wobbles.

  6. Dianna says:

    Aw….what sweet memories for you (your former kitties AND your son as a boy! I can SO relate!). Before Sundae, I had a SWEET black cat, named Beezy, for 14 years. Beezy was my kitty soul-mate. The sweetest cat I have ever known. He’s been gone almost three years, and although I love Sundae girl, no kitty could ever replace my Beezy.

    • Wazeau says:

      I know what you mean. I loved Scarecrow, I totally adore Nekoka and Sassy, but Leo, Leo was my big boy, my best boy for almost twenty years. I’ll have to do another post for him; I don’t have any really good photos. I’ll have to go through my albums and scan some in.

  7. Scarecrow was a most handsome guy……I agree that it’s better to have loved a cat and lost than never to have loved one at all and to miss out on the amazing experience of being involved with them (or any pet) just because we know it won’t last forever – well – it’s not even worth the thought. The love we gain – is SOOOOOO worth it! I’ve never had a black cat myself – but have always loved their sleek coat and the way their eyes are set off so beautifully by their coloring. Lovely photos!

    Pam (and Sam)

    • Wazeau says:

      Thank you! Crow and Leo made such a great pair of buddies, with his sleek black coat and Leo’s golden glow. He was another one of those impulsive acquisitions – Tony and I were looking through a pet store one Halloween weekend and one of the associates had this little tiny kitten out. Of course we had to pet it, and the little black bundle just raced up my arm and into my hair – sort of the same way Bandit did. That trick worked for both of them dang nabbit. I am totally a pushover for the “bury yourself in her hair” routine. Don’t spread it around, please.

  8. boldbohemian says:

    I lost my beautiful black cat, Amarillo, several years ago. He was 17 and got very sick. I held him while he was put to sleep. I was a basket case and still miss him even tho I have two new shelter cats (well, we have had them 1.5 years now!)

    • Wazeau says:

      They really do leave a huge hole in your heart when they go. Leo died in my arms, that was very hard to go through so I relate totally. But thank goodness there will always be new cats to try to fill those holes.

  9. Novroz says:

    This is a beautiful post Wazeau. It sadden me and also made me happy. It’s true, better to love and lost than never feel the love of these little adorable animals 🙂

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