Morning Ablutions


Pay no attention to the fact that I’m taking some of these photos from the vantage point of my toilet.  Yes, the boys pretty much go everywhere with me when I’m home.  I can’t get a minute’s privacy between the cats and the parrots.   Notice the feather Bandit is chewing on?  That is one of Merlin’s.  No, Bandit didn’t yank it from Merlin’s wing – Merlin did that himself, Bandit just stole it from him.


They take their preening very seriously.  I love the contrast between the two species – Bandit the Nanday Conure with his long sleek wing and tail feathers, shimmering green, and Merlin, the Bronze-Wing Pionus, like a plump little football. 


Bandit’s trying to get the sheath off of the feather he’s working over.  Merlin just wants to make sure I am taking the photo of his best side.


And back to their normal spots.  I love my boys.  I mean, look at that adorable little black masked face!  And if only you could feel how soft Merlin’s feathers are and smell his wonderful musky honey aroma.  How can anyone resist?  

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8 Responses to Morning Ablutions

  1. I see nothing wrong with bathroom photography!

  2. Love is where you find it……even in the bathroom! Great photos……. 😀

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. nadbugs says:

    Resist? Resist? Not possible. LOVE the shot of you, too. x0x0x0x

    • Wazeau says:

      Aww thanks. Who’d a thunk that I would be okay with putting my photo out there for all to see – but somehow when my boys or cats are in there with me, it becomes almost necessary. This is who I am, round, short, losing my hair, skin a mess, in my PJs – and a parrot on each shoulder and a cat wondering when she can get her turn on my lap. My way of keeping it real, I guess.

  4. I don’t know what I might be like to sit on the throne in peace – much less take a bath! And I don’t even have birds. I’d take them everywhere in the house too.

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