Working From Home While Sandy Sweeps In


Is not as easy as one might think, what with all the supervision I require.


Usually Merlin watches from the cat tower but today he feels it necessary to add his weight to my working hand.  And from the marks he’s leaving its time to trim his nails.


Nekoka is trying to squeeze me off my own computer chair.  And yes, I work in my nightgown.  Try and make something of it!


Merlin is getting a bit fierce – I told him I have to move my hand since its running the mouse.  He doesn’t believe me, and insists I hold still so he can keep his balance.


I took this out the bedroom window.  This isn’t a pond.  It’s the park behind my house.  And this is only five in the evening – the storm isn’t even close yet!  And I’ve got water dribbling down one of the basement walls.  But still have power – cross fingers.  We will have to see how it looks in the morning – there isn’t anywhere for the water to go either.  I’m almost an hour west of Philadelphia – I can’t even imagine how those closer to the shore will be dealing with this mess.

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13 Responses to Working From Home While Sandy Sweeps In

  1. Oh crude! that water does not look good that early in this storm. Dad’s sis and husband live in Philly, they are so gonna get hammered! We have stayed in touch but can’t do a thing to help. ANd yeah, Merlin is like WAY past due on that pedi! be well, Savannah

  2. Dianna says:

    Hoping for the best for all of you up there. It’s a scary storm!

  3. Well I WAS gonna say something about working in your nightie but I thought that sounded a little…um…racy, so I’ll refrain.
    Stay safe!

  4. nadbugs says:

    Oh no! Good lord! Looks bad! Dear Wazeau . . . . all manner of digits, on hand and paw, crossed for you guys over here. That Merlin — tough boss.

    • Wazeau says:

      Aww thanks for the crossed digits! We are all fine though the crew was ticked off that I came into work. They like it when they have me under their direct control!

  5. lahgitana says:

    Gonna hafta get a bigger chair. On second thought, you’d just get a smaller portion of a big chair.

    Holding good thoughts. yikes!

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