Now How Did That Get There?

One fine March morning back in 2006, I got up to see this nice wad of yarn stuck in the cat door between my living room and basement.

Two guesses how it got there…

This was when I started keeping my yarn stash inside the old bird cages down in the basement, instead of just having the plastic bags lying on the old couch down there.

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22 Responses to Now How Did That Get There?

  1. Wow! I can’t believe they did that! Crafty little guys…

    • Wazeau says:

      For some reason they really like dragging things up from the basement. Once they drug the towel I keep on the floor in front of the washer/dryer all the way up the stairs. They only got a corner of it through the cat door though.

  2. Patricia says:

    If there is a way a cat will find it. Hard to be smarter than them.

  3. littlemiao says:

    That must have been lots of fun!

  4. Yarn bombing takes on a whole new form!

  5. Great shot of the yarn n the cat door. Told a whole story in it’self.. n as you say, you can just imagine an irritated cat.. trying to pull it all through from the other side!! Thanks, Waseau xxx

  6. HaHa Busted.. Popped over to say Hi xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Mag (Chancy's Mumsy) says:

    How funny!! That was pretty cool. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Wazeau says:

      I love the way there is always a chance for them to have a surprise waiting for me when I get up in the morning. I like the yarn in the door surprise way better than the mouse corpse by the stove surprise….

  8. Flo says:

    Those pesky birds! 😉

  9. hey guys!! missed you…just hopped backwards to see what I missed! Apparently, lots! paw pats Savannah

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