Up To No Good


Don’t let the innocent look on these faces fool you.  My boys are planning something over there on the arm of my couch.


Turns out they were trying to find some way to distract me from my crochet!  Even though its MY vacation, the parrot will NOT be ignored!


Merlin takes up his post on my knee.  I’m never going to get this thing finished if they get their way!


This is his “I’m so cute she can’t resist scratching my head” routine. 


It never fails – unless I’m holding a camera.  Poor Merlin.  This is the Pionus Face Palm.


Bandit gives me his over the shoulder come hither look just before he flies over to velcro himself to my shoulder. 


This is why Bandit doesn’t get many pictures taken.  He is always tight up against my neck and I hate being in my own pictures.  Psoriasis sucks and photoshop only does so much to cover up the skin, and its only a matter of time till I lose what little is left of my hair.   But look at that cutie on my shoulder!  Bandit is my sweet boy and he makes me feel so loved.


And while all this bird business and crocheting is going on, Sassafrass has vanished upstairs, but Nekoka squeezed between me and the pillow and ignores us all while he grooms his fur.  He still doesn’t understand why I don’t eat the birds, but he tolerates my idiosyncrasies.

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10 Responses to Up To No Good

  1. You don’t need photo shop. Those are two naughty boys 🙂 Every one seems to be crochering, I’m gonna learn after Christmas 🙂 Have a great wednesday xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Wazeau says:

      Everyone on the crochet wagon! Its fun! and you have a great day too – we are off on vacation till next January! So we are having wonderful everyday 🙂

  2. nadbugs says:

    Bandit tight up against your neck. That must be very nice indeed.

  3. Penelope says:

    They are little devils!

  4. Nekoka is no fool! he knows a good deal when he sees one! And do not worry about Psoriasis when you take photos of Bandit…Bandit loves you and we love Bandit and you love Bandit, and so that is all that counts, thank you for posting the photo, paw pats Savannah

  5. Flo says:

    Meh! We are who we are! The birds do that whole distraction thing because it works… 🙂 They’re not daft.

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