Before and After Bath a la Bandit


Bandit, my Nanday Conure, makes it very clear when he wants a bath.  But tonight he had to wait (impatiently) in the sunshine before I took him in the bathroom.  So you get to see him all nice and dry.  Check out those orange stockings!  All the rage this year Smile


And here he is after, all wet and bedraggled!  Doesn’t he look happy! 


Only thing he likes better than eating and snuggling in my hair is taking a nice long bath.


I got this while he was shaking off some of the water from his wings which is why they look blurry.


Right up there with eating and bathing and snuggling is munching down on whatever fabric he can get his little beak on.  Gotta go rescue my doily!

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17 Responses to Before and After Bath a la Bandit

  1. I would love to stick my nose into those wet feathers of Bandit. I remember Bud our green cheek how birdy good he smelled after a bath. The tiels Annie/Andy and Toby too! Bandit looks gorgeous!

  2. My Greys aren’t fond of their showers at first, but they obviously love the way they feel afterwards!

    • Wazeau says:

      My bronze-wing prefers a shower, but Bandit is bathroom-sink-bathing all the way. And he has to have his washcloth in the bottom of the sink with an inch or so of water on top and then the tap dripping all over him. He makes such a mess! Both my birds insist on getting wet at least twice a week.

  3. Sweets Colbert says:

    My macaw insist on showering in the shower itself but my maxi-pi loves the kitchen sink, But the grey… Not so much, he will freak out at times but loves to be misted.. Whats that all about? lol

    • Wazeau says:

      Parrots are such goofs! My bronze-wing pionus would kill before he would get in the sink like Bandit does, but he just adores getting sprayed with a mister. I tried him out in the shower a few times but he doesn’t like the heavier spray, he likes the mister. I’ve never had a grey or macaw but my cockatiels also preferred a mister, and the budgies, well, they just wanted wet lettuce to roll around on 🙂

  4. “Thread Munchies” – what a great sounding snack ! I’m almost tempted myself 🙂

  5. Oh you are the cutest, and orange is so you 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. avianstudent says:

    What a handsome boy Bandit is! Ptak is always begging for a bath, too – yesterday, he flew into the bathroom and refused to leave until I ran the tap for him. He also thinks fabric is good for chewing, haha, though I don’t believe he could do as much damage as Bandit!

  7. Kroten says:

    Did Bandit comb his hair after the bathing? 😉

  8. Sallyann says:

    Hiya, I’ve just nominated you for the Reality Blog Award. Please feel free to accept or decline as I know these things take time and brainpower that we can’t all spare to relpy too. Either way, I enjoy your blog and wanted to share it with a few others too. Thanks.

  9. Hey Bandit? Lookin’ skwee kleen my feathered furriend!

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