Emerging from the Funk

my very first dwarf iris

This is the very first of my irises to bloom in my new-last-fall front garden.  My favorite flower, my favorite color, and my tied-for-favorite time of year (spring and fall).


And look!  Crocus bulbs are blooming in the back yard too!  These are still surviving, having been planted when I first moved in this townhouse twenty years ago.


It has been a very difficult month mentally and emotionally but the sunshine and my wonderful friends, co-workers, cats, and parrots are helping me come out of the depressive funk I have been wallowing in, finally, thank goodness.


I put on a little weight (sigh) but I have added a whole lot of new shawls to my crochet goodies dresser drawer!  Obsessive crocheting does work much better to fend off panic then overeating, let me tell you.


Trying to get a decent photo of my finished objects to stick up on ravelry.com without a bird on my shoulder is never very successful. And look!  My new bifocals are finally here!  Maybe now I can crochet with the hook a bit further away from my face!

I’m really happy with the way this one turned out.  Pure merino wool, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it when I’m finally moved out to Tucson, Arizona!  Desert plus wool, awesome.


At least this one is in cotton – and my favorite PURPLES!  I think it will be perfect for those cool Tucson evenings!


Merlin likes this color better.  It matches his underfeathers.


And this is why I’m going to persevere and succeed in moving myself and my flock and pack and belongings out to Tucson, why I’m not going to succumb to depression any more.  My son Tony and his girlfriend and her two boys.  Where family is, is where I belong, and he is all the family I have.


I want to be a part of his life again, after ten years on opposite sides of the country.  I am missing too much now, now that I see him doing with the two new boys in his life that which I did with him when he was that age.  I want – no, I need – to be part of this – especially if I don’t have to worry about being the one making the parenting mistakes.  I can be the grandma that spoils the kids rotten and then goes home to her cats and birds Smile

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8 Responses to Emerging from the Funk

  1. Bernadette says:

    You go, grandma! I’m so glad to hear from you again! It’s too bad you won’t get to enjoy all the work you put into your garden, but you got a lot of crochet done while thinking–I do some of my best thinking while crocheting too–and you know we’ll all still be here for you no matter where you move. Just keep us up to date!

  2. lahgitana says:

    The wool will definitely come in handy in Tucson, even tho’ sometimes we former denizens call the place TwoSuns. Especially if you take yourself up Mt Lemmon for some skiing!

    Huge changes are a bear. Yikes!

  3. lemniscate47 says:

    It’s lovely to see the little irises n the crocuses coming out, isn’t it?!! Irises are a favourite of mine, too. Your shawls are Beautiful.. n I hear it can get cold at night out there in Arizona!!
    I’m glad you’ve managed to get your head around the need to move. Lovely to be on this side of the decision-making process.
    I’d hate to move, too.. n, cos I’m a bit of a hoarder [15%], I know there’d be a lot to do, but You have a Plan!! n an organised mind.. you’ll get it done OK, I know you will.
    Thinking of you, Cyn. xxx

  4. Nice to hear from you again – sounds like Spring is bringing with it a “renewal” for the yard AND for you……what a change of scenery Tucson will be but how lovely you’ll be with your son. The newest crochet projects are GORGEOUS!

    Hugs, Pam and Sammy

  5. nadbugs says:

    I rejoice in this post, dear sunny you. How wonderful to see you in your beauty, and the beauty you bring to the world. You move into beauty, you leave behind beauty.

  6. catfromhell says:

    I agree! Wholeheartedly! I miss my sons terribly and am sad that I am so far from them, Do it!
    And I LOVE your wraps! They are incredible.

  7. You are back!! I missed the parrots! And your crochet work is pawsome….bet I would like a nap on one of those…heh…heh…you are going to luvluvluv being close to your son. Life is good!

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