Waiting On The Furniture

Two more days till the movers arrive with my furniture, and I cannot express how much I look forward to that!  And I am not the only one. 


Nekoka really misses his drinking fountain.  He just does not like the bowl, so we are back to him waiting patiently in the sink when he is thirsty till I set the faucet dripping.


The parrots want their big cages and all their toys.  They are sick of the travel cages although they spend hardly any time in them.  They are also tired of Sassafrass invading their space to steal bits of blueberry bagel.  I have no idea why Sass wants this bagel, she has never gone for bread before.  And if you are wondering, the washcloth is holding the food dish tightly in the holder because Bandit loves nothing better than tossing his dishes around so the food goes flying.


This does not bode well.  This is the blogger’s dilemma.  Do I put down the camera and rescue the cat?  Or continue to take photos?


Please note that Merlin did not actually bite Sassy in the ear.  She ducked and covered and fled to the floor.  Merlin is so bad!  Of course, Bandit was egging him on.


But this would never have happened if my furniture was here – Sassafrass never tried to steal food from the big cages.


I desperately want my couches.  It is impossible to crochet sitting on the floor, and I am way too old to be comfortable for long lying on the floor watching TV.  But look at the size of the TV my son gave me!  I feel like I’ve joined the modern age – my old TV was at least twelve years old seems so tiny now looking at this one.


And I want my desk so I can move the computers (work and play) into the office room.  And I want my office chair!  Do you know how my rear feels after sitting in that hard chair working all day?  And the table is the wrong height so my arms and hands are feeling the tension after only two days back to work.  And I need my hangers so I can put the winter coats in the closet Smile with tongue out


Both the parrots are comfortable enough now to begin exploring the house, but especially the kitchen.  They know all about food preparation, these two do.


The stove and refrigerator are brand new  – there was still masking tape holding down various parts like they had just been removed from the cartons.  I haven’t used the stove yet either because I rarely cook – but the microwave works Smile


So to hold me over till Monday when the furniture arrives, I take more photos out over my back yard fence.  Ahhhhh…. blue sky and mountains.  Lovely.

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11 Responses to Waiting On The Furniture

  1. Patricia says:

    Your home looks lovely even mostly empty. The floor in the living room is beautiful.. Once the furniture is there and in place everyone will feel right at home.

    • Wazeau says:

      I am very happy to have flooring that is easier to keep clean where the birds are – not to mention in the kitchen. My old house had carpet in the kitchen for goodness sake!

      • Patricia says:

        Yikes! That would be a bother to keep clean. My father raised parakeets. We had over 100 at a time…not in the house but in a utility room attached to the house. Birds are messy…beautiful and smart but messy.

  2. Ugh, moving limbo! On the bright side, it’s easy to keep clean with no furniture, isn’t it?

  3. Dianna says:

    Hopefully there won’t be any delay on the arrival of your furniture! Looking forward to seeing pictures of everything in place.

    • Wazeau says:

      Me too! The mover called me and verified 8am tomorrow so I’m setting the alarm so I can have everything ready. I have to feed everyone breakfast, move the car out of the garage (woot I have a garage!), let the air out of the air mattress and get it out of the way for my REAL BED, get the cats settled into one bathroom and the birds into the other for the duration, and try to eat some breakfast myself before they get here.

  4. lauowolf says:

    It’ll be good to stop camping and finally really move in!

  5. Annie says:

    I’ll ditto, Dianna Exciting Times
    Thinking of you, Cyn xxx

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