Queen of All She Surveys


Sassafrass is patiently waiting for me to clear enough room in the office to put the cat tower back together.   She does have a fine view of her queendom out the front room which  I call my office, although obviously Sass thinks it is hers.


Here she expresses her opinion of my opinion.


She has a perfect view from the base of the cat tower lying over the box top, so she forgives me for my priorities in unpacking kitchen, bedroom, and living room boxes before the cat tower.


Not that I am anywhere near close to done!  But I did get my kitty cat key holder up by the door.  And is that a couch I spy holding up some laundry!  Ohhh yeah.


And my real bed and a light to read by.  The coverlet is in the dryer if you are wondering.  Look at all that light pouring in the door!  It was 75 degrees here this afternoon… nope, I’m not missing the cold and snow at all.


My couches are just a tad too big for the living room and I’m going to end up getting rid of one of the two end tables since it doesn’t fit, but I don’t care.  My rear end and back are so happy to be off the floor.  I should have taken the photo before I put the sheet down on the couch, and maybe move the laundry, but hey, this is the way it looks most of the time.  It is easier to get bird poop out of sheets then off the couch itself.


Bandit and Merlin are thrilled to have their cages back although I have yet to hang up their spiral bouncers.  The ceiling slopes upward so I may just hang one of them up over Merlin’s cage, closest to the door where the ceiling is lowest, and use the other one in the office.  Now that I’m back to work I’m in my office most of the day, and the boys insist on spending at least some of that time with me in there, so I will probably hang the other bouncer in the window once I get rid of the rest of the boxes.  I haven’t connected the Ott light back up because I don’t think I need it anymore, it is so bright in the house.  The boys can get some real sunlight instead of the artificial stuff!


This is Sassafrass’ favorite part of unpacking.  Newsprint is recyclable here in Tucson, but they only take one container full each week, so rather than crumple and bag, I’m flattening and rolling them up to fit the most possible in the container.  Sass doesn’t care about recycling, she just like the racket she makes jumping in the paper.   I’m just glad she is back to her happy pre-moving-stress self.  The birds are fine, but Nekoka still seems not quite himself.  A few more days and a few less boxes maybe – and some more cuddles with me should do the trick.

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7 Responses to Queen of All She Surveys

  1. Annie says:

    I did the same in my last move. Got kitchen, bathroom basics, and one other room.. so that I wasn’t always faced with disorder.. n could relax.
    Sorry to hear Nekoka’s still upset about the move.. he’ll be better now that all his stuff’s arrived.. his couch, his bed, his desk, etc. Sassie certainly looks like she’s enjoying her box and paper Queendom [is that even a word??].
    Do you have warning signs up to remind everyone to keep doors n windows closed.. with the best will in the world, people who don’t need to.. forget.
    Don’t forget to update Sass and Nekoka’s microchips addresses, too.
    Still lots to do, but plenty of time to do it. Thinking of You, Dear Cyn 🙂
    [p.s. For future reference, I think the expression is ‘should do the trick’.. I think you’ll find ‘should turn the trick’ has an altogether other meaning 😀 LOL ❤ xxx ]

  2. Patricia says:

    I know you are feeling more at home now that your stuff has arrived. Lots of work but it all gets done sooner or later. Glad the “kids” are settling in. Once Nekoka realizes all his belongings are where they belong he will be fine. When I moved South I could not get over the blue skies. It sure makes a difference when February comes around and there are no gray clouds for miles.

  3. Pandionna says:

    I hear ya on the sheets. I have birdie blankets and towels. Folks are always amazed when I tell them how much laundry I do.

    • Wazeau says:

      Its always a dilemma when the doorbell rings… do I have time to wrest the sheets from the couches and hide them, or is this someone I don’t care if they see the sheets or not 😛

  4. The new house has some lovely windows!

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