Get It Done Already


I’m making very good progress on the unpacking front, although some of it is simply moving boxes I don’t plan to unpack immediately out to the garage (so many boxes of books!).  Sassafrass is trying to be patient but she has indicated that the cat tower should be the very next thing on my to do list. 


I’ve assured her if I don’t finish it tonight, I will get on it right after work tomorrow.  I’m not sure she believes me.  Now, where did I put the photos I took to remind me how this jigsaw puzzle goes back together?


She tries to get Nekoka to help encourage my with my priorities, but he is hiding under the covers.  See that lump?


He was actually much more active today, and spent quite a bit of time cuddling on the couch with me.  He also requested his nightly brushing ritual last night now that I’ve made enough room on the dresser for it – for some reason he prefers being brushed in front of the mirror.  He is eating well, drinking normally, and having no bathroom issues, so I’m not worried. 


Sassy isn’t worried either.

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5 Responses to Get It Done Already

  1. Bernadette says:

    Glad everyone is settling in!

  2. msmouse7 says:

    You’ll get in done when you get it done. Cats may not understand but once it’s up, they will forgive you.

    Congrats on new house and a successful move!!

  3. I am adding my congratulations on the new house and your move!

    • Wazeau says:

      Thank you so much! I am glad its finally done and finished (well almost, but the stressful parts are done) so I can try to get my mind, emotions, and life back on an even stable keel! Change is hard 😛

  4. Annie says:

    Ahh!! Bless his Heart!!
    At least Nekoka knows where to go to feel safe.. until home looks more like ‘Home’ to him again.
    Sassafrass really is taking it all in her stride, isn’t she?!!
    Delighted to see it all coming together for you all. xxx.
    [I’d be prepared for a bit of Disorientation yourself, though, Cyn.. just when you feel it all coming together. Like the cascade of emotions you get AFTER coping with a crisis. xxx]

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