All Is Right In Their World


I found a schematic online which helped me remember how to assemble the dern cat tower, and I finished it putting it together last night.  Sassafrass was the first to ascend, and insisted on posing for a photo immediately.


Nekoka waited for her to allow him to re-acquaint himself with the tower.


She took her time, inspecting it thoroughly for defects or any odd smells from the move.


Her inspection took a little longer then Nekoka was expecting, but being a cat, he relaxed into it and waited patiently.


Not quite ready to jump on, Nekoka pauses on the windowsill.  But that is all the closer he got to it that evening, at least as far as I recorded as I went to bed shortly after. 


But the real fun didn’t start till the next morning.  They were ready and waiting for me to open the blinds.


Ahhhh… cat tower rebuilt and positioned smack dab in the best sunshine Tucson has to offer, and now all is right in their world.


Nekoka left behind his refuge under the bedcovers to let it all hang out in the sun.


Even Bandit and Merlin tested out the view and were satisfied.

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4 Responses to All Is Right In Their World

  1. That is a feat of engineering! Looks like it is well worth it 🙂

  2. I bet everyBODY was ready for that sun-filled window! Love the birds staking claim.. 🙂

  3. Annie says:

    Phew!! What a Relief!!
    I bet you’re relieved, Cyn.
    No wonder you needed a schematic!! That’s a Delightfully complex cat tower.
    Great to see Nekoka and Sassafrass lording over all they survey.
    Bandit and Merlin, too, cheeky monkeys :)) xxx

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