Settling In Nicely


Today, for the first time since I moved here to Tucson (can it be over three weeks already!), we had a cloudy day all day.


But as you can see, even with the clouds I still have tons of sunlight in my office.   Not to mention parrot supervision from the boys while I’m working.  And look – short sleeves in January – even on a cloudy day. 


To kick start my morning of sitting on my butt in front of a computer all day, I take a walk around my neighborhood.  I can do the complete tour in about twenty minutes so its perfect.  This is the view from the end of my street.  This is from yesterday with the sun just beginning to light up the sky.  I cannot express how wonderful the air smells and feels.  Or explain how incredibly quiet it is, most of the time anyway, until a jet goes over from the air force base.  And at night it is so dark where I am at; I haven’t seen so many stars in I can’t remember how long.


Further up and around the block from my house is another beautiful view overlooking the far east side of Tucson.  I still can’t get over the difference in the landscape of my new home.  Cactus, palm trees, blooming paintbrushes and other plants, and rocks, rocks, sand, and more rocks.


The clouds are so dramatic out my back yard!  My poor fence is a disgrace, but I am going to get the windows replaced first and then worry about the fence.  It is not like I have dogs to keep contained, and although there is an occasional bike rider going up or down the wash out back there, I don’t have neighbors behind me staring through the holes.


Nekoka has finally settled in and is back to his old self… shameless.  I will say again how great it is to have cleanable flooring instead of carpet – so much easier wiping up bird doo-doo and cat dander.


And here, the reason why I made the move!  My son’s and his son’s birthdays were last week (on the same day no less, how cool is that?) and they threw a birthday party in the park on Sunday.  And instead of being on the wrong side of the country, here I am in Tucson, attending the party!  Ronald just loves getting birthday hugs, can’t you tell!

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8 Responses to Settling In Nicely

  1. CP says:

    “Lookit mah bellay” says Neko 🙂

  2. Annie says:

    It’s lovely to hear you’re beginning to feel settled in, Dear Cyn.
    Who’da thunk it.. maybe a year ago, when I could feel your sheer panic.. at the very thought of moving home. [I’d imagined I’d be feeling similar.]
    What a marvellous change of scenery!! Like being in a movie :))
    If it’s that warm now, though.. I guess the Summer is going to be.. quite Something!!
    A dry heat, though.. much more bearable, apparently.
    Isn’t it Great to see Nekoka looking so relaxed now??
    I’m Delighted that things are turning out so well for You All

    • Wazeau says:

      I have not experienced Tucson at the height of summer, but I spent some time here in July and it was pretty dern hot – but you know what? I liked it. I finally felt like my hands had thawed out.

  3. Pandionna says:

    Do your birdies ever chew on your glasses? Inigo loves to go right for the bridge, which looks so funny from my side of them. Just this beak and his face RIGHT THERE.

    • Wazeau says:

      hehe yea, Merlin, the pionus, likes to chew on the earpiece but I try to discourage it since I’m afraid he’s going to snap right through it. Neither has ever gone through the nose piece though I used to have a parakeet who love to do that. Gotta love our feathered friends!

  4. Patricia says:

    Looks like your home is now where your heart is.

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