King of the Hill


King of the Hill


Each room in my new house in Tucson has these little alcoves up near the ceiling.  I have some boxes stuffed in the one in my office, and all my good china (which has come down all the way from my great-grandmother to me) in the living room one.  Since my house is very tiny, that extra storage space comes in handy!   It has, however, proven to be a challenge Nekoka has not been able to resist.


Doesn’t he look totally proud of himself!  Getting down, however, is another story.

Maybe he should just stay up there.


Here he is in the alcove in the office.


And here, in the one in my bedroom.


And finally, after a long day of alcove-hopping, time for a nice long afternoon snooze.

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5 Responses to King of the Hill

  1. Patricia says:

    Looks like the perfect house for him. Cats do like to be in high places so they can survey their world.

  2. Hahaha! I never thought he’d make it. How did he get down?

    My Siamese LOVED watching Nekoka, and paused the video twice by trying to ‘catch’ him on the screen of my iPad!

    • Wazeau says:

      I did not witness his descent, but I heard it! He jumped down on top of Bandit’s cage. It rolled halfway to the kitchen 🙂 He’s been up there twice since that I’ve witnessed… I really do need to get him some way to get up there without driving the parrots crazy 🙂

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