Bandit Bonanza with Merlin on the Side


Bandit and Merlin have informed me that they haven’t gotten enough blog time.  I wanted to do an entry about my four day trip back to Pennsylvania, but that will have to wait as the sheer cuteness of my little green monster wins out over snow.


While they both got some knee-time initially, Merlin decided to go back to home base while Bandit monopolized me.  Merlin likes an afternoon nap in Bandit’s cage – you can sort of see him as a brown blur in the left upper corner of the cage.

I had to put together a new pet-sitter cheat sheet for my trip, and I put on it that Bandit was around twenty-five years old, and Merlin was eighteen.  Bandit has been with me so long, and he is right around the age that most of the bird sites say is about how long a Nanday Conure lives. 

I don’t want to think about life after Bandit. He has been with me forever, and he is such a companion to me.  While I might get my hearing back, he will take a lot of my heart with him when he goes.


He’s my best boy and there is nothing like a nice Saturday afternoon with Bandit on my knee and my Kindle open to a good story.


Until Merlin gets done taking over Bandit’s cage, and takes over Bandit’s knee instead.  He is such an instigator!  But don’t worry, Bandit didn’t go far – he’s tucked under my chin giving Merlin the stink eye.

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2 Responses to Bandit Bonanza with Merlin on the Side

  1. Pandionna says:

    In recent months I’ve read two accounts of Nandays who are 35, so Bandit may very well be stealing your heart 5, 10 years from now. 🙂

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