Monday Mornings in my Home Office


I am under constant supervision from the most rigid of taskmasters.  Yes, that is toilet paper on my desk.  I go through a lot of PPTP (Parrot Poop Toilet Paper) around here.


Of course when Nekoka is on the chair, the birds tend to take over the cat tower.


Even if it is already occupied.


I much prefer Sunday mornings on the couch, especially when Merlin is calm.  Which isn’t often lately since his hormones are raging.  I thought about shooting and posting a video of him as he was attempting to make mad passionate love to my foot (about three minutes after this photo), but thought better of it.


Bandit is another story.  He is getting a little old for hormones, and really hates Spring with Merlin’s incessant need to feed him.  I can sympathize with Merlin, though – how can anyone resist Bandit’s adorable masked face?  Although regurgitated Pionus parrot food can be quite disgusting and hard to get out from between one’s toes.


See that look of innocence Sassy has plastered to her face?  She’s pretending like the racket I was hearing and came running out to the living room to figure out what it was, was NOT her trying to root through my Happy Birthday bag of goodies!  Like I don’t have to share everything with the furred and feathered members of my household already.  Now off to throw some tissue paper around for my little Queen Bee to chase.  She deserves it – I mean look at those little white toes and big white whiskers and her crooked little face.  It may have been my birthday, but pampering my angel is my present to myself.

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9 Responses to Monday Mornings in my Home Office

  1. S Stull says:

    Hahaha I also call my desktop toilet roll PPTP – or SBTP (stinkbug toilet paper), depending on the occasion. Love the photos! Those are definitely some tough taskmasters. Spring hormones are pretty rough here, too, so I can sympathise.

    • Wazeau says:

      I haven’t seen any stinkbugs yet out here in Tucson, and I certainly won’t miss them if they aren’t visitors here. They are just so loud when the run into things! The cats liked them though 🙂

      • S Stull says:

        I’m moving to Tuscon, haha! I hate them… They certainly survived our -6F winter, so the cold isn’t what drives ’em off. I have one cat who hates them, and one who will eat them and walk around with stinkbug breath. Ugh.

  2. Its amazing you ever get any work done really 🙂 love the photos, and especially the innocent Queen Bee. Happy Birthday ! 🙂 xx

    • Wazeau says:

      Thank you! I think I am actually working more from home than back at the office, especially after it got so empty. I think I feel sort of guilty – it can be so nice working with a cat on one’s lap and another behind you on the chair. I laugh at them in my blog but actually they are sweethearts and very loving and attentive – I am so lucky.

  3. Belated Birthday wishes!
    Is there anything you can give a parrot to calm the hormones down?

    • Wazeau says:

      I change Merlin’s diet a little when he gets hormonal, cutting down on the warm stuff like beans and pastas and such. When he gets really feisty I try to distract him with almonds, new toys, extra shreddable stuff (he loves cardboard), and I make sure to get him to bed early. I’ve been covering them up at night now since it stays light so late and gets light so early (a big adjustment from Pennsylvania that’s for sure). He needs his beauty rest! But other than that, it just takes time 🙂

  4. Annie says:

    I never knew having parroty pals was such an eventful experience. Glad to see you all enjoying Life together in the sunshine. 🙂

    • Wazeau says:

      My parrots demand such attention! It can sometimes get a bit much but they give so much love back its worth while 🙂 I must admit though I don’t think I’ll ever get another parrot (although I hope my boys live a long long time still). But I will have cats till the very end.

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