Down Side

One of the down sides of working from home is, I cannot WAIT to get out of my computer room at the end of the work day, and it is harder and harder to go in there for enjoyment… like the enjoyment I get sharing on my blog.  Hence the rare nature of my posts any more.  Which sort of blows because I really miss blogging!  I think I need to seriously look at finding a local job before I go completely bat crazy.   I mean I’m anti-social by nature, and working from home pretty much guarantees I hardly ever ever ever get out of the house and talk to real people.


Nekoka likes the fact that I’m spending more time off the computer and reading on the couch or my bed.  He lets me know this by lying butt-first on my face.   Sigh.


Sassafrass continues to take her role as crochet blocking supervisor very seriously.  I am trying very hard to transition to cottons instead of wools due to the warmer climate I’m now enjoying, but I just love the Knit Picks Chroma and I still have a lot of skeins in my stash to use up.  I have found a group of women here that are also yarn crazy and we meet at a Whole Foods once a week to knit and crochet and socialize.  Outside of grocery shopping where I practically beg the cashiers to talk to me, its my only social outlet – except for my son and his family, who (thank goodness) have really included me and I am so glad that they do.  I am trying really hard not to be a mother-in-law from hell. 


The bird brains of the household are still alternating between adoring each other and erupting in fury when Merlin thinks its appropriate to feed Bandit personally regurgitated veggies and assorted parrot snacks.  Bandit hates that, but always forgives and helps Merlin keep his feathers preened.


The felines do have to spend a lot of time recovering after their busy mornings watching Cat TV out my bedroom.  


The channel is much more exciting out here in Tucson.


Some of it is kind of scary.


Nekoka occasionally hates me and my camera.  Awkward!


And then there’s this little montage that Danielle put together that I stole from her facebook page for sharing on my little blog.  Yep, Lilith loves her daddy. 


And we all love her.  Baby in a basket.  Those toes!  Almost as cute as cat toes (but not as fuzzy).

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7 Responses to Down Side

  1. msmouse7 says:

    Beautiful baby!! Is that one of your crochet blankets?

    At my house, we call out “No BIF,” when a furry one tries the butt in face (BIF) maneuver. It doesn’t help, but at least I get a chance to express my displeasure.

    Yikes, is that a Gila monster? And I am not talking about Nekoka’s indignant photo.

    Glad you found a yarn group to hang with. It is important to socialize (sayith an anti-social person). Do try to keep blogging as I miss the adventures of the birds and cats.

    • Wazeau says:

      Yes, that is the baby blanket I crocheted for her; it was a big hit! She is a doll of a baby too, a real sweet-heart. And yes, it is a gila monster! Totally freaked me out seeing him waltzing around on my back porch like he owned the place. Glad I got the photos for proof! And yes, socializing is very important even for us anti-social types, you are right there 🙂

  2. Annie says:

    Glad to see you blogging, but enjoy your updates on FaceBook, Cyn. Glad you have a yarn group.. a bunch of folks who speak your esoteric yarn n crochet language. I enjoy visits to the reptile shop for supplies for the same reason.. to chat with whoever’s there about my geckos. Glad everyone’s settled in so well.. I was wondering how you all were going to manage in the heat. Glad, too, that things are going so well with your son n his lovely family. xx

    • Wazeau says:

      Thanks, Annie 🙂 I’m loving the heat, and I’m loving the monsoon season now going on – the sunsets are gorgeous from the way the clouds build up over the late afternoon.

  3. Patricia says:

    Beautiful baby girl…she is going to have Daddy wrapped around her little finger for sure and as it should be. Good to see you here again. Understand about too much ‘puter. Hard to find a happy medium. I am an introvert and need lots of time on my own and tend to stay somewhat secluded at home. The main reason I still work…not healthy for me not to get out and about to see the world no and then. Good thing that you found some crochet buddies.

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